Hospitals of West China School of Medicine

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West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University has 4 affiliated hospitals.

THE FIRST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL: ( http://eng.cd120.com/index.asp )
It is the largest general hospital in China. The hospital has about 5000 beds. Now it has
been  recently upgraded  to be the single largest hospital in the world.

This hospital has been awarded as
"Class A Hospital of the Highest Grade". Our students
carry out their clinical practices mainly in this hospital.

The hospital covers an area of 46.7 hectars, owns 400,000 square meters of building  for
clinical use  while its fixed assets arrives at 30 billion RMB. , which ranks the first in China
and the percentage of clinical usage reaches over 100%.  In 2007 the Outpatient
Department treated 23.5 million patients while In-patient Department treated 1.07 million
patients, 55,000 of whom were operation cases.

The present staff number is 6100, more than 550 of whom are professors and associate
professors including one academician in Chinese Science Academy. There exists Post-
doctorate Program of National Clinical Medicine and Basic Medicine, the doctorate program
of first class in clinical medicine, 31 programs leading to Doctorate Degree. The programs
leading to Master’s Degree cover all the disciplines in hospital. West China Hospital of
Sichuan University has become a comprehensive research hospital with diverse
disciplines, abundant faculty resources, advanced medical technology, modern medical
equipment, and strong potential in medical research.  

There is 1 State Laboratory, 2 key laboratory of Ministry of Education (MOE), 9 key disciplines
of MOE, 2 disciplines with the national “211” Project, five key programs of Ministry of  Health ,
16 key disciplines and 25 key laboratories in provincial level respectively.  There are 36
clinical departments, 15 medical technology departments, 25 open laboratories of scientific
and research centers  and Sichuan International Hospital which faces the whole world. The
hospital has been ranked among the top hospitals in China since 1990 and is the medical
center of sophisticated and severe cases, the center of medical education and the scientific
research in Southwest China arranged by MOH and MOE .

Medical Equipments

There are 4 MRI, 4 Spiral CT, ECT, Electric gastroentestinal  endoscopy, several kinds of
Endoscopies, Radio Frequency Aberration, Linear Accelerator, Automated biochemical
analyzer, Colour Doppler, advanced monitoring system for ICU, PRK, X knife stereotactic
radio therapy, Cellular knife therapy series in the hospital. Medical Service level with
sophisticated medical technology, the comprehensive medical service of the hospital is at a
national leader level.

Founded in 1989, It is the largest Women’s and Children’s hospital in Southwest China. It
enjoys the title of “Baby Friendly Hospital” awarded by the Ministry of Health and WHO.
Also located in this hospital are the China Birth Defect Monitoring Center, the Prenatal
Research Center, and the Emergency Center for Acute Respiratory Tract Infection in Children

is the only specialized hospital among all the medical universities in China for occupational
diseases Founded in 1917,.

Hospital of Stomatology
The Hospital of Stomatology , Sichuan University has long been known as the birth place of
the modern stomatology and the earliest hospital of stomatology in China.
In 1985, it was granted a name as the College of Stomatology, West China University of
Medical Sciences and was changed into West China College of Stomatology, Sichuan
University in 2000.

West China College of Stomatology annually served for 400 thousand patients in outpatient
clinics and  3000 patients treated in inpatient wards. Currently, the Hospital has a capacity of
220 dental chairs and 507 staff members. In 1991, with the approval of Ministry of Public
Health, the Dental Implantology Center was set up. It is the first of its kind in China that
integrates teaching, research and  clinical practice

International cooperation and Exchange Programs:

West China Center of Medical Sciences, Sichuan University (WCCMS) has set up
cooperative relationship with over 40 institutions and universities all over the world.
Among them are:

United States:

University of Washington, in Seattle,
California University Systems
Kentucky University, USA
Michigan University
University of Massachusetts Medical School
James Madison University
University of Minnesota
State University of New York
University of New England
the University of California
University of Tennessee
Boston University

Other Countries:

Glasgow University, UK
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK
University of East Anglia, UK
University of Manitoba, Canada
University of Western Ontario, Canada
Albertine University, Canada
Monash University, Australia
La Trobe University, Australia
The University of Sydney, Australia
Uppsala University, Sweden
the University Henri Poincare Nancy I, France
Malmo University, Sweden
Universitat de Barcelona, Spain  
Waseda University, Japan,
Hiromishma University, Japan
Yamanash Univesity, Japan

West China School of Medicine has a great support of reputed international
organizations to promote medical education, research and clinical practice.

Funding Institutions that support West China School of Medicine:

China Medical Board, USA
Project Hope, USA
Give 2 Asia
CIDA, Canada
AusiAid, Australia
Health Foundation, USA
HelpAge, Thailand
Europian Union

1. Support of China Medical Board of New York:
In 1981,China , China was  not yet  fully open, China Medical Board of New York is one of the
earliest foreign foundations that came to support West China School of Medicine (Sichuan
Medical College at that time).During this time,12 projects were granted , of which 8 were
provided on a matching basis for the establishment of permanent endowment funds. The
funds totaled USD 296 million.
West China School of Medicine has the honor to get the continuous  support from the Board.
Up to date , a total of 35 grants have been approved to West China School of Medicine. The
implementation of these projects has played a key role in assisting West China School of
Medicine to be one of the top medical institutions in China. About 25% of the faculty has
been involved in the implementation of CMB projects, of which over 87% have been trained
abroad and 40% have become the nucleus of the university’s medical education, research
and medical care.

2. Evidence Based Medical Center:
The  “Evidence Based Medical Center” or “Cochrane Center”(Chinese Cochrane Center)
was approved by the Ministry of Health of China in July 1997 and registered in March 1999
with the Cochrane collaboration. There  are 13 cochrane Centers throughout the world. The  
implementation of the project has won a national prize from the Ministry of Education.

3. Institute for International Medical Education(IIME):
The Institute for International Medical Education was established in 1999 and has been
entrusted with the development of "global minimum essential (core) requirements" to be
required by physicians throughout the world, as well as the task of collecting global
information on different aspects of education of the medical profession. The IIME  offices are
located in suburban White Plains, New York.

It is matter of pride that West China School of Medicine of Sichuan University is in the policy
making committees. This medical institution is in the leadership of IIME(Institute for
International Medical Education) along with other world renowned schools and international
organizations for medical education
Visit http://www.iime.org/committee/core.htm and http://www.iime.org/committee/task.htm

4. University of Washington, Seattle, USA (Medical Faculty-Students Exchanging Program)
Since 1984 when West China School of Medicine  and University of Washington signed the
agreement to start the Medical Faculty-Students Exchanging Program. More than 90 medical
students from University of Washington received a short-term medical training in West
China School of Medicine  while 20 or so faculty of West China School of Medicine  went to
Seattle for the study of medical education. This program continues until today and we
believe it will go on.

5.Chandler Medical Center, Kentucky University
This Program is designed to establish the guidelines for a student exchange program
between West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University and University of Kentucky
Chandler Medical Center.

International MBBS program in English medium:

West China School of Medicine runs Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS),
in English medium, comprising of 2 years of basic medical sciences, 3 years of clinical
sciences  training and one year of internship.

Beginning since 2001,the university  has enrolled 9 batches of medical students from
Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Korea,
Fiji, Cameroon,etc, for the
MBBS course in English medium.

Four batches of international MBBS students in English medium have been graduated from
this medical school as of July 2009.

The success rate  of our graduates in the licensing Examinations of their countries is very

The MBBS graduates of this medical school have excelled in the medical council licensing
examinations in their respective countries, including   Nepal Medical Council Licensing
Examinations and Medical Council of India Screening Test Examinations.

Some of our foreign students, who have completed MBBS in English medium, have passed
USMLE Licensing Examinations to practice in the USA and Australian Medical Council
Licensing Examination to practice in Australia.

The graduates of this medical school have been employed in the reputed government and
private hospitals in their own countries.

Our medical graduates are highly regarded for their clinical practice in their own countries.
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