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Southern Medical University has established a complete system for fostering talent
candidates of
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), Bachelor's
Degree of Medicine (MB.), Master's Degree of Medicine (MM.) and Doctoral Degree of
Medicine (MD.), with eight academic fields covering medicine, technology, science,
law, management, arts, pedagogy and economics.

The university system comprises
7 affiliated hospitals and 16 schools or colleges
such as school of basic medicine, school of clinical medicine, school of biomedical
engineering, school of Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) and school of public health.

Apart from offering 23 majors for undergraduates, the university grants M.M. degree in
55 subjects, M. D. degree in 36 subjects as well as in another 4 first-class subjects,
even with 4 academic stations for postdoctoral research.

Besides, the university houses a group of state-level key subjects, key subjects by the
State Management Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, state-level base of
clinical pharmacology and state-level base of TCM pharmacology.

The university has developed a superior subjects group, with medical science as a
backbone and with combination of medicine and engineering, combination of Western
and Chinese medicines, tropical medicine and bio-high-tech as supportive subjects.

Southern Medical University takes pride of the faculties. At present, working on its
campus are a large group of well-know experts and professors, among whom there is
one academician of Chinese Science Academy and one academician of Chinese
Engineering Academy (there are totally 3 academicians in medical field in Guangdong
Province), as well as 2 premier scientists of State “973 Project” (there are only 2 in the
filed of life science in Guangdong Province). Among the total number of over 700
professors or associate professors in the university, more than 500 are supervisors of
M.D. degree candidates and M.M. degree candidates, 4 are the members of State
Academic Degree Appraising Committee, 4 are appraised as State-level Middle- or
Young-aged Experts, 9 have won Military Great Achievement Award or have been
specially invited as Professor of Changjiang Scholarships or the State Backbone
Teachers and besides, 54 faculties have been honorably given the titles of State
Outstanding Workers in Science and Technology or State Outstanding Teachers.


Southern Medical University goes strong in teaching and scientific research. By now
the university has gained
1 first-grade prize and 2 second-grade prizes of State
Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, plus 7 first-grade prizes of Military
Excellent Teaching Achievement Award

The university is ranked on the top among the medical universities and colleges in
China in view of the number of research projects and the prizes. From 2001 to 2003
during “the Tenth Five-year Project” in China, the faculties of the university undertook
643 programs funded by the Central Government, Guangdong Provincial and
Guangzhou Municipal governments, with a total amount of 138 million yuan, and thus
was ranked at the first place among the medical universities in Guangdong Province.
From 1996-2003 (since the Ninth Five-year Project), the university won 9 second prizes
of State Scientific and Technological Advances Award, accounting for half of the total 19
second prizes which all the universities and institutes in Guangdong Province gained
during that period (no first-grade prize was awarded). During the period of “Tenth Five-
year Project”, the university won 9 first-grade prizes of Guangdong Scientific and
Technological Advances Awards appraised among the provincial filed of medicine and
hygiene, accounting for 53% of the total 17 first-grade prizes awarded at the provincial

        In 1985, Nanfang Hospital of the university purchased the MRI, the first one then
in China. Then they compiled and published a book on MRI, regulating the first
diagnosis standard on MRI. The imaging center is the distance consultation center for
tens of small- and middle-scoped hospitals in Guangdong Province and they held the
position of chief editor in compiling Medical Image logy.

        In 1999, the university purchased PET, the first set in Guangdong Province,
developed and manufactured PET developing agent themselves. They have used it to
examine 7,300 patients, which is the largest number in China.

        In 1997, the university purchased 3-dimentional conformal radiotherapy system ,
the first system among South China. It has been used to treat 3,000 patients, the
largest number among South China.

        In 1999, the university introduced Argan-Heliurn Surgery System , the first one in

        In 2002, the university introduced Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) , which has been
used to treat over 200 patients, the largest number in China .

        The Indian students of 2005 and 2006 achieved the highest passing rank in FMG
Examination of MCI.
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