Wuhan University

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Offering Medical Education in China

Wuhan University Library seats by the East Lake. It's formed since last century as
Hubei Self improving School Library by Hubei viceroy Zhang Zhidong. The library is
famous for it's long history, unique building style, pleasant environment. The old
library building built in 1935 is the typical building of Wuhan University.

Wuhan University Library is divided into 4 sections: Art and Science, Technical,
Information Technology and Medical. The total area of the library is 44136 square
metres, reading room has 4256 seats, every year ingather 80000 Chinese and
foreign books, more then 10000 newspapers. Until the end of year 2000, the whole
book storage of the library reaches to 4980,000. Have more than 200,000 old type
books, among them more then 300 has been collected into "China Ancient Book
Collection". There are 60,000 readers in the university. There also has a different
major book reading room among the 28 colleges of the university. In recent years, the
library increased the collection of electrical literature, now already has more than 120
types of database and reading files for all kinds of computers. The library has many
centers: China Advanced Education Literature Insurance System, The Middle China
Center, Education Department Foreign Books Center, Life Science Foreign Textbooks
Center, Canada Published Books Collection Center, Europe Comity Information
Center and World Bank Information Center. The Information center of College of Law
has been titled "United Nations Information Storage Library" by the United Nations.

The library already using computer management is one of the key members of the
national university libraries which catalogue online. Formed high speed library
network and electrical service center, has more than 400 devices such as server,
computer, etc, can provide all kinds of services to the readers such as borrow out,
read, use audio and video, make enquiry, information search, reader education,
information copy and information transfer, also can search all kinds of information’s
through using CERNET and INTERNET. Recently, the library began exchanges with
more than 600 libraries and research organizations worldwide and nationwide.

Eating and other life services

There are many dining halls on the campus of Wuhan University (also run by Wuhan
University). Moreover, there are many restaurants or nosheries (operated socially)
with higher consumption than the dining halls. Supermarkets are available on the
campus where students can purchase food and commodities. The majority of life
service facilities are around the dormitories for foreign students. Other kinds of
service facilities on the campus are also comprehensive, for example, hospital, post
office, bank, bookstore, laundry, barber shop, photo studio, stadium and etc to meet
various life demands of students. To make life and study convenience, Wuhan
University prints a map of itself to help students find out the location of those faculties.

Security clues

Security Institution of Wuhan University provides sufficient protection for the study and
life of students. Meanwhile, they do also hope students can improve the vigilance for
no risk at all. First of all, students should take care of their passports and valuable
articles. Do not bring the passport and a large amount of cash with you (Student ID
card can certify student’s identity sufficiently at Wuhan University and in Wuhan).

Do lock carefully when you put the valuable goods in the room. Remember to close
the windows and doors and turn down the electricity and water switches before
leaving the room.

Do obey the traffic rules on the streets. Dial 027-110 in case of any problems, and
report them to Students Affairs Office immediately. The staff members in Students
Affairs Office will render timely help to those in need.