International Students
Wuhan University

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Offering Medical Education in China
Since the 1950s, Wuhan University has taken a lead in enrolling international
students in China. Ever since then, the university has recruited and trained several
thousand foreign students coming from more than 50 different countries and regions
worldwide. All students have received systematic training and a substantial part of
them have earned Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral Degree. At present there are over
1800 long-term international students at Wuhan University, and half of them are
actively pursuing degrees.

Wuhan University accepts international students into its Bachelor, Master, Doctoral
programs as well as other advanced programs in liberal arts, sciences, and
medicine. The university also provides a special Bachelor of Arts program called the
Chinese Language for International Students and there have been seven groups of
graduates from the program. Besides all levels of Chinese language teaching, the
university provides courses such as Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese
economy, Chinese philosophy and Chinese law for international students. To fulfil
their different requirements, these courses will introduce basic knowledge of the
society, economy, history and culture of China.

The College of Foreign Students Education (also known as the Foreign Students
Education School - FSES) of Wuhan University is a dedicated school for foreign
students enrolment, administration and management, as well as the Chinese
language teaching and training. It is also one of the few centers for HSK examination
and for the qualification examination for the teachers teaching Chinese language to
foreigners in China. The college, with abundant teaching resources and quality
teaching and scientific research strength, has 25 teachers giving Chinese language
courses to foreigners. Among them, 15 are professors or associate professors, 4 are
the members of the World Chinese Language Society for Foreigners, and 23 are the
members of China Chinese Language Society for Foreigners.
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