Xian Jiaotong University  -  西安交通大学

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Offering Medical Education in China

The International Students Building is situated on the medical campus. Each room is
well furnished and equipped with air-conditioner, television, telephone, bedding, and
bathroom, central-heating and other necessary facilities. Usually, two students share
one room.

The Muslim dining hall and some of the language classrooms for international students
are also located in the same building. The university provides facilities for student‟s
recreation to be enjoyed during their free time.

The drinking water of the students

Our university has centralized hot water house. The students can get hot water at any
time. They can also buy drinking water machine with other students and put it in the room
to solve the drinking water problem.

Network and telephone

The students‟ houses have all opened close circuit television and network system. If the
students have computers, they can go to the network center, pay 100 Yuan to apply for IP
address. Then the network inside the dormitory is open. They can enjoy the free

The network center of our university has computer rooms. The students can go on line by
the library cards; they pay 1.5 Yuan per hour. The opening hours are: 8.00- 22.00. In the
net bars, they must pay 1.5-3.0 Yuan per hour.

The management of the students’ house

Each student house has reception room and cleaning workers. The reception personnel
are on duty for 24 hours. They are responsible for the safe order of the student houses.
The cleaning workers are responsible for cleaning the whole building. Our university
gives broom s and dustpans to each dormitory and asks the students to clean the
dormitory by themselves.

Medical Treatment

Students have to pay the insurance fee after their arrival to China. All the expenses during
In-patient department will be covered by Insurance Company. However, all OPD
expenses will be borne by students themselves.
Accommodation & Facilities: