Xian Jiaotong University  -  Medicine Program

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Offering Medical Education in China

The School of Medicine of Xi'an Jiaotong University, which used to be the School of Medicine
of National Peking University, founded in 1937. It was renamed Xi'an Medical University in
1985. After the affiliation of the Xian Medical University with Xian Jiaotong University in April,
2000, it was given the name of “The School of Medicine” of Xi'an Jiaotong University. Famous
for the Unity, Diligence, Preciseness and Innovation as its tradition, the school is like a cradle
which has cultivated advanced medical experts in the Northwest region of China. It is the only
top medical science school directly attached to the Ministry of Health in the Northwest region,
as well as a branch of Academy of Medical Science in China. About 40,000 advanced medical
experts have been cultivated in 70 years since its founding.

Through the pain taking efforts and hard work of many generations, the college has
developed a collective ability for administration. At present, students on campus are over
4500, including 400 doctoral students, 900 post graduates and 3500 undergraduates. The
school has excellent and experienced faculty as well as working staff, and the number has
been over 4000 (staff in the affiliated hospitals also included). It has more than  620
professors and associate professors, 81 doctoral mentors, 13 experts who have made
outstanding contributions on the state and provincial level and besides, 35 domestic and
overseas visiting professors (3 are members of Chinese Academy of Science). There are 28
departments (18 clinical departments included); 3 Clinical Teaching Hospitals: The First
Affiliated Hospital, The Second Affiliated Hospital and The Affiliated Dental Hospital; 6 centers
(Biological Medicine R&E Center, Long-Distance Medicine Center, All-Division Medicine
Center, Medical Information Center, Animal Experimentation Center and Medical Testing and
Training Center); 27 Graduate Schools; 1 keystone lab belonging to Ministry of Education, 2
keystone labs belonging to Ministry of Health and 3 keystone labs at Provincial level; 2
keystone subjects as Physiology and Medical Jurisprudence at State level and another 7
keystone subjects at Provincial level. Meanwhile the School of Medicine has 2 first-level
research stations for the Post doctorates, Fundamental Medicine and Clinical Medicine.

It has gradually established a complete administrative system for educating and training both
undergraduate and graduate students. For undergraduates, at present, there are subjects as
Clinical Medicine (5-year duration and 7-year duration), Dental Medicine, Nursing, Medical
Jurisprudence, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacology, Medical Engineering and so on. There
are 10 authorized places for awarding doctorates and 29 places for master's degrees. The
authorized places for awarding these degrees cover all medical specialities and most of the
related medical specialities. For undergraduate student education the emphasis is on
practice with basic knowledge and extensive education. The school has built up a training
mode of “Broad Entrance, Strong Foundation and Emphasis on Practice”, and under this
training mode, the graduates have got high praises from their employers. For postgraduate
student education, the emphasis is on training on innovative thoughts and abilities. Besides,
the school has actively developed recruitment and training for the students with bachelor‟s
degree of Clinical Medicine and MPH.