5. The First Affiliated Hospital of College of Medicine, Zhejiang University (First
Hospital of Zhejiang Province) is a well-known hospital in China and one of the
instruction centers of health care, medical education and scientific research in
Zhejiang Province.

It was founded on November 1, 1947. Now there are about 1650 staffs in the
hospital, including 250-some senior doctors and nurses.

There are 1,200 ratified beds, the inpatients numbering at 15,000 yearly
compared with an annual 1,000,000 outpatients.

Many important laboratories and medical centers are located here, including the
key laboratory of Viral Infectious Diseases under the Ministry of Public Health,
Clinical Pharmacology Base under the Ministry of Public Health, Provincial Key
Labs of Organ Transplantation, Provincial Organ Transplantation Center, Nuclear
Medicine Center, Clinical Surveillance Center of Drug-Resistant Bacteria,
Surveillance Center of Drug Adverse Reaction, First-aid Center of Toxinosis and
Nursing Center at provincial level.

All departments of the hospital have formed their own characteristics, especially
departments of infectious diseases, hematology, ophthalmology, cardiology,
cardiovascular surgery, urology, gastroenterology, etc. Rapid progress has been
made in organ transplantation. Kidney, liver, heterogenous bone marrow,
corneal and combined liver – kidney, pancreas – duodenum – kidney and heart –
lung transplantation have been successfully performed in the hospital.

Now the hospital has become one of the famous organ transplantation
centers in China.

Great achievements in scientific researches have been made during the past five
Both“Combined pancreas – duodenum – kidney transplantation” and
“Artificial liver supporting system” have won the Second Prize in a National
Award and the first in Science and Technology Advancement provincially.

Great achievements were also made in other fields.

6. We also offer five doctoral programs, and 19 master’s programs. Apart from
these, there are five circulating post-doctoral workshops. Moreover, we have one
key thematic subject at provincial level, four primarily supporting academic
subjects receiving funds from the provincial government, two key thematic
subjects at university level, and four academic subjects are accepted as the
provincially important. In addition, it encompasses four institutes, namely,
Institute of Surgery, Institute of Infectious Disease, Institute of Hematology, and
Institute of Cardiology.
Advantages of ZMU
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7. Insisting on the tenet of “patient first, quality first, service first”, First
Affiliated Hospital has successfully striven to be one of the “Top 100” in
medical universities are listed in WHO listing for English medium.

2. There are sufficient faculties to teach different specialization.

3. Separate Classrooms for International Students.

4. Separate Hostels for Girls and Boys.
Zhejiang Medical University, MBBS in China,study in china, mbbs in china
Zhejiang Medical University,study in china, study mbbs in china
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Zhejiang Medical University, MBBS in China in English Medium
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