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Study MBBS in China in English Medium

Presently there are over 3200 long-term international students in Fudan, half of
whom are actively pursuing degrees, the rest are general scholars and visiting
scholars. Besides, Fudan will also enroll over 600 short-term students each year.

Fudan accepts international students into its
Bachelor's, Masters', Doctoral
programs as well as advanced programs in liberal arts, sciences, and
The School has also established a Bachelor of Arts program called the
Chinese Language for international students and there have been seven groups
of graduates. Besides all levels of Chinese language teaching, the School has
opened courses such as Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese economy,
Chinese philosophy and Chinese law for interested international students.
According to their different requirements, these courses will introduce basic
knowledge of Chinese social economy, history and culture.
Fudan University international Student, MBBS in China in English Medium
Fudan Student
Fudan University International Student, Study in China
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